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A little dog with a BEAR of a Mission

posted Mar 21, 2014, 4:25 PM by Meg Johnson
Meet Hector Vargas. Hector has a medical condition which causes him to endure seizures. I met Hector one day in October of 2013 while I was doing some volunteer work at the Fitchburg Animal Shelter. Hector and Theresa, came up to the shelter to look for a companion dog for Hector. Well to make a long story short, Bear came into Hector’s life and what a difference that made! Hector fell for Bear’s harm immediately. The two are inseparable. One night, while Hector was sleeping, Bear alerted Theresa to Hector as he lay sleeping. Bear was making a racket and would not stop until Theresa went to see what he was barking at. Shortly after, Hector went into a grand mal seizure. Theresa credits Bear with saving Hector’s life. Now, Hector, Bear and Theresa, have joined up with ACE-Central Mass to go around and speak to school children across Central Massachusetts and tell their story. To date, Hector and Bear have spoken to hundreds of students thanks to ACE in the Schools.

"Bear is finally able to go anywhere with us without any issues. He got his seizure alert vest and his service dog tag for his collar. Hector J. Vargas and I 
are very excited about it. No one can deny him access or even question us anymore." Theresa Neuhaus.